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vexaura's Journal

Vexaura Graphics
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iAm Alicia, 18, an aimless wanderer. LJ and I have been having an on-again, off-again relationship for about 5 years now. I've been making graphics since sometime in 2001, starting out at, of course, Neopets. I've owned and operated a handful of domains for lots of different purposes, but it just never seems to work out. Hopefully I'm here to stay and post graphics, but my attention span sucks... so I'm not promising anything. Rebecca and I have been RL friends since freshman PE and I randomly suggested we'd make an icon journal, so here we are.

iMake I'll probably make icons of things I'm not interested in, but expect to see: America's Next Top Model, Harry Potter, House MD, Pushing Daisies, random quotes, stock images, photography, Dirty Sexy Money, movies I like at the moment. This list sucks, I'll update it later.

iRequest These are my rules. They're simple. Follow them.
+ Do not hotlink anything, ever.
+ Credit temporaryfix at vexaura or just vexaura
+ Unless I say so, my icons are not bases. If you want to edit something, just ask. I'll probably say it's okay.

Resources Personal Journal
iAm Rebecca, 18, a considerate thinker. I tend to make icons of celebrities. I'll update this more later.
iAm My name's Manda, I'm 16~ ^_^ Er... I dye my hair funky colors, and listen to crazy music, I got into doing graphics through The Sims when I was about 10 or 11, I started to make custom content, and then moved onto web design, and finally to graphics making. Oh, the reason I joined: Liciamoo asked me... ^_^;

iMake icons of just about anything, probably some dark gothy stuff, and othertimes cute things like carebears and other childrens shows as well as anime icons... Umm some definite things I'll make: House, fashion inspired, Greys Anatomy/Private Practice, The Used, Gym Class Heroes, Numb3rs, My Chemical Romance, Rob Zombie, Zombies, etc...

iRequest .//Credit me, either by posting my journal name meonified or this community vexaura

.//Upload the icons to your own server, I use photobucket...

.//Don't use my personal icons, the one's that are my own journals userpics

.//Feel free to use these for MSN, Yahoo, AIM, just don't claim them
iAm I'm Miranda, but you can also call me Anda. I'm 15, and I've been making icons for just over a year. I mainly do more larger graphics now, but I still love icon-making. I'm a theatre junkie at heart, but I love indie and 'weemo' bands <3

iMake icons of a lot of different things, but expect lots of fashion shoots and band boys.

iRequest • Comment if you take something, and credit me: lucentvictrola

• If you take something, upload it to your own server

• No editing!

• I take requests

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